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An extremely hard aggregate that
retains the sharp edges produced at the
time of crushing; this property greatly
enhances skid resistance



Bauxite is heated at around 1500°C in modern rotary kilns, to remove water and produce Calcined Bauxite. This results in a much harder product, comprised mostly of Alumina (also referred to as Aluminium Oxide), which in crystalline form is known as Corundum.

Why use Newport Calcined Bauxite for skid resistant road surfacing?

  • History of Good Performance in Europe and USA
  • Proven Durability, due to high Hardness Value
  • Approved for use in BBA HAPAS type 1 systems
  • High Polished Stone Value (PSV)
  • Low Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV)
  • Full test certification available

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